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About Tempe High School Bardwell Valley Sydney

Tempe High School Bardwell Valley Sydney
The Bardwell Valley has multiple schools . Tempe High School Bardwell Valley Sydney is a High School situated at Unwins Bridge Rd.
Tempe High School Bardwell Valley Sydney
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Date Published: 08/13/2017
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Tempe High School  Bardwell Valley  Sydney


In Campus Facilities

Youth Resource CentreDevelopment of positive community participationFluent and original thinkingComputation and problem solving skillsEffective communication
Mathematical ideas and experiencesCalculation and problem solvingPDHPEPersonal Development

Stats and Graphs

Personality Development Index 93 %

Career Development 83 %

Not DisclosedNot Disclosed

No. of Phd Staff (Proff. / Doc.) Not Disclosed
No. of Post graduate staff
No. of Research Staff (teaching) Not Disclosed
No. of Graduate Staff (teaching)

Admission to Tempe High School Bardwell Valley Sydney is internal evaluation based and on the child's performance in assessment. To know more about the Tempe High School Bardwell Valley Sydney admission process , please contact to school directly on above given contacts.

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Australian Citizen
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Tempe High School Bardwell Valley Sydney

Unwins Bridge Rd, Tempe NSW 2044, Australia

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