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School Building Icon About  Shanti Gyan Vidyapeeth Dwarka

Shanti Gyan Vidyapeeth Dwarka
Shanti Gyan Vidyapeeth Dwarka is an English medium school, is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi (CBSE board New Delhi), Shanti Gyan Vidyapeeth Dwarka is located at Goyal (Dwarka), Near Sector 19, New Delhi-110071
Shanti Gyan Vidyapeeth Dwarka
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Date Published: 07/16/2016
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Shanti Gyan Vidyapeeth Dwarka Sector 19

Shanti Villa, 86/A, Goyla Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110071, India
  • Address: Shanti Villa, 86/A, Goyla Village, New Delhi, Delhi 110071, India
  • Phone: 09910710080
  • Fax: N/A
  • Website:

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